Sunday, December 10, 2006

The YMCA Blog- Part II

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Due to overwhelming demand, I am giving you Part 2 of the YMCA blog. Many of you left comments or sent emails asking for photos and more info.

First the info:
I joined when the registration fee was waived, so I'm sure they do this a few times a year, but the fee would have been $75. The annual charge is $500, which they spread out evenly over 12 months. So I pay only $41.66 per month (automatically on my credit card)**. And I am pretty sure you can quit at anytime in the year and all charging stops at that point. Also, if you have a valid student ID, the membership is a little less. I think it comes to $35 a month.

The cost of membership includes everything: 24/7 access to the machine room (that's the room I use), and access to everything else during their regular hours: the weight room, classes, swimming pool and sauna. I think it's a great deal.

And now for the pics-

1) I need my Ipod (and I created a special "workout" playlist). I listen to music when I'm on the weight machines but when I'm on the elliptical, I plug the headphones directly into the device on the machine so I can watch one of the 4 TVs. I also bought a special cover to protect it.

2) Spare Keys

3) ID and pony tail holders (I usually start off with my hair however I wore it that day, and end up putting it up when I get too hot)-

Gym ID

4) A lock for the locker room:

5) A bottle of water that I drink and refill at least once while I am there:

When all these things have been gathered, I walk the 2 blocks to my YMCA-

And drumroll please... What do I look like? Well, here are some of my outfits. (I apologize for some of the blurriness, I can't use a flash with the mirror and the non flash setting is very sensitive. I hate this f*in camera...)

This is from 10/04/06, just shortly after I started going. (Here I weighed 194.2) I can actually see the difference between this pic and the newer pics.

And these are from this past weekend (my WW weigh in from last Monday has me at 182.6, so there is a 12 pound difference between these pics and the above pic)


before I left the house-

Then I threw on my hoodie

By the time I came home, I had finished 3 bottles of water and was in ponytails-


And today 12/10/06

Look closely at this shirt- just under my right boob. That's my name. And if you look further, you will see my grade school love, Billy Mazzella. This is my shirt from 6th grade graduation. How awesome is that?

And I think this is just hysterical. This was from a particularly sweaty session with the elliptical. It's like the Shroud of Turin, but cooler:

I have to admit- I had a really good eyebrow day that day... 

**update 01/2013: The Greenpoint YMCA now charges $54 a month! That went up a lot in 6 years!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The YMCA Blog- Part I

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As some of you know, I joined the gym at my local YMCA. If you know me even a little bit, I'm sure you're already thinking it:

What on earth does she wear to the gym?!

Forget about the fact that I hate exercising, I hate sweating and I am NOT coordinated. To be honest, having people see me less-than-glamorous was THE biggest deterrent. How could I possibly be seen in public in athletic pants/tee-shirts and sneakers?! But I realized I had no choice. I had to do it. And as painful and difficult as it was at first, I am so glad I did. I'm down 14 pounds (I've been doing this simultaneously with Weight Watchers) but I feel a million times better. I feel stronger and leaner and can see a huge difference already. I never thought I would say this, but I enjoy going so much, I actually look forward to it!

Anyway, I've only been going for 10 weeks now, but I've noticed some recurring characters:

1) The "too pretty" girl- She shows up with hip hugging sweat pants and a short midriff revealing t-shirt so you can see her perfect tiny body. She does one machine, staring at herself in the mirror the whole time, and then leaves.

2) The Meat Heads/Polish Jocks- These guys work out downstairs (in the "real" weight room) then come up to the machine room to just stand around and pose in front of the mirror, get in my way, and intimidate the scrawny hipsters who just want to use the exer-cycles.

3) The Rock Star- (This guy always gets the treadmill next to me!) He wears his iPod, runs with his eyes closed and sings OUT LOUD every so often. I don't even know if he realizes he's doing it.

4) The Power Couple- They're married and they work out together. I can't decide if this is cute or gross.

5) The Asshole- These people either don't write their name on the board (so you have no idea when they got on the machine) or erase your name from the board (so the next person thinks YOU'RE the asshole that didn't write their name on the board) or refuse to get off when it's their time to get off. Do I really have to call a manager? Do I have to be that petty? Because I know you've been on there longer than a half hour and it's my time! You bet your sweet ass I will. Asshole.

6) The Anorexics- There's a handful of them. They're seriously under 100 pounds with legs the size of my arms. And all they do is the stair master. FAST. Tiny steps- millions of them. They look like they're gonna snap in half. It's disturbing.

7) The "Outfit as Sauna" guy- This is the strangest of all, in my book. This guy is dressed head to toe AND wears a knit hat and WINTER JACKET the whole time he's on the machines!!! (Meanwhile, I'm sweating so much, I have to talk myself into keeping my shirt on and spend most of the time fantasizing about getting home to take a shower.) To make things even more creepy, he smiles the whole time too. Freak.

The nice thing is that no one talks to me because no one knows me. I like that. I just do my workout, watch some TV and observe the gym characters...