Saturday, January 16, 2010

Biking Adventures: An unexpected January Ride

This morning I went to Total Body Conditioning, as usual. But what was unusual was the weather - It was unseasonably warm (probably mid-40's) and sunny! I wasn't expecting was for it to be so beautiful and bike-friendly today! I knew as soon as I got out of class, I had to get out for a ride.

But last night, I noticed the Hello Kitty Cruiser had a flat tire. Oh noes!

Oh no! I have a flat tire! :(

So my first order of business was to drop her off at B's Bikes for an emergency repair. While they worked on it, I went home to shower, eat and put on my bike attire -

01/16/10 Ready to go biking

I was back at B's in about an hour and my bike was ready for me (I love those boys @ B's!). I rode over to Williamsburg and crossed the Williamsburg Bridge-

My first stop, Whole Foods on the Bowery:

Whole Foods on the Bowery in Manhattan

I went there to recycle my #5 plastics:

#5 Plastic Containers

After that, I wasn't sure where to go, but I headed north. I considered heading to Central Park but it was much colder in Manhattan - and the taller buildings blocked out the sun. So I knew I wasn't going to be riding around as much as I had hoped.

I ended up stopping at Chipotle on 31st and Park. The vegan burrito was great and I used my netbook while I was there. Leaving there, I knew I wanted to go back downtown for another errand, but first I rode around that area and took some photos. Here are some of the Empire State Building from a few blocks away (around 30th St):

The Empire State Building

Here are some other shots from that area:

City Crab on Park Ave

I went slightly south and east, circling through Gramercy Park:

I like how the guards appear to be watching my bike

I left Gramercy Park and headed south for my final errand. I took 2nd Ave and passed one of my favorite neon signs for as long as I can remember - the incredible corner pharmacy at East 6th St (since 1885! That's 125 years!!):

This neon is incredible!

And this building is on the East side of 2nd Ave around 3rd St. I have cycled past it many times but never noticed this detail-

From there I made my way down to Orchard St and noticed not only this beautiful old terrazzo tile, but the fact that it has my number, 137 (that's my goal weight and my current cholesterol level)-

137 Orchard St

I had to cross Delancey to get to my final destination, Moo Shoes @ 78 Orchard. They are a store that sells vegan products. I found them online recently when looking up vegan shoes and was looking forward to paying them a visit -

Moo Shoes on Orchard St

I bought a really nice pair of flats by Madden Girl (no doubt a part of Steve Madden) for a mere $39.95. They're perfect for me to walk to the office when I get to White Plains every day.

New Shoes from Moo Shoes

And I finally found a non-leather wallet. I've been looking for one that I liked for months!

That was all great. But when I left there, I realized I didn't have my cell phone. I remember bringing it in the bathroom @ Chipotle. I have a feeling that's where I left it.

I went back into Moo Shoes and explained my dilemma. One of the women behind the counter quickly looked up the phone number for that location, I called them, they checked the bathroom, but no sign of my phone. That means someone took it. Next, I called my cell phone. No one answered, it went to voice mail. So I got on my netbook, logged into my account online and suspended my number. Then I went back to Greenpoint.

I wanted to pick up my favorite vegan cheese (Teese) at Boneshakers. I took Nassau, crossing McGuinness Blvd and I saw Solange's ghost bike (I did not know this young woman, but she was riding her bike and was killed at this intersection recently. I have been at this intersection many times and it's very scary. In fact, I hate crossing McGuinness Blvd. RIP Solange...)

Solange Raulston

I made it to Boneshakers, but they were out of Teese :(


And since it was much colder and now pitch black, I did not want to stay out. Although I have a very good headlight and taillight, I just do not feel safe or visible enough riding around in the dark, so I came home.

Here are my stats. I rode a total of 14.3 miles, burning just over 1100 calories:

Bike Stats 011610

I am not sure when I'm replacing my cell phone. I may do it on Monday. If you're looking for me, email me until further notice. I think I am already going through text withdrawl :(


  1. We definitely got a little weather gift on the East Coast today! My friend Jim djs @ Boneshakers from time to time--I think he lives nearby? I bet you've seen him-he bikes!

  2. I didn't know they ever had DJs at Boneshakers. I only go there during the day, and only when the weather is nice since I ride my bike there. It's just over a mile from me and there is no public transportation in that direction. I wonder if I know Jim. Do you have a picture/link to him?

  3. What an amazing ride! (My husband and I had our first date at the top of the Empire State Bldg) Great photos!

    But now I'm so sad about your phone and the girl who was killed. Life sucks sometimes!

    Hope you have a nice, calm Sunday.

  4. What a beautiful day in NYC! :) I always love your bike cruising pics! Thanks for sharing! :) Sorry about your cell! :(

  5. Whenever I read your blog and you go on a bike ride, I am so inspired by you. Maybe it seems like "just life" to you, but really, the way you are living your life inspires me. So, thanks for doing that.

  6. great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yay for good biking weather! Thanks for sharing all your great pics with us.

  8. I love reading about your bike rides Shelly!
    I'm sorry about your cell phone though, it's always frustrating! :(

  9. fabulous photos and great workout! sorry to hear about your phone - I lost my blackberry last August and it was horrible being without it, plus it made me so angry that someone would just take it and not turn it in...and all my photos, etc, just gone :( It just sucks. I hope you have a phone again soon! hang in there through the withdrawals!

    x Renée

  10. Renee- that's exactly what bothers me. Losing the photos and the text messages.

    Coincidentally, I found a phone on Friday and turned it in. Unfortunately, most people are not that considerate.

  11. Gorgeous pictures! That was quite a ride! I have to say that I got a little creeped out by the ghost bike - that is so sad :(

    Glad you made it home safely. Sorry about your phone :(

  12. Marisa, that was the third ghost bike I saw while out yesterday. Not including my friend Rasha's bike on Delancey.

  13. wow how many activity points is that!!!

  14. What a perfect bike ride, I can't wait until I am able to do things like that!

  15. I'm sending you an email w/a link...

  16. Oh my goodness. I love those photos. Thanks for sharing them. I would lurve to cycle in NY - I'm so jealous! :0)

  17. I have almost the same shoes them ..sounds like a good day

  18. Loved the pictures. Too bad about losing your cell phone.

  19. Found your blog from Sometimes Sweet and I totally love it!

  20. I really hate it when people don't turn in lost things! That sucks! Oh... and I am totally jealous of your life in New York. I love Houston, but I really love New York.

  21. love the pictures! sorry about your cell phone. my favorite 'losing my cell phone' story is when i got up one morning and could not find it. i had gone out the evening before and at one point had stopped for gas at quik trip. i called my phone and they answered; yep, i left it on the counter when i paid for gas and bought a soda. and they said my hair appointment that afternoon was cancelled. not only had they kept my phone safe for me, they took messages! i love quik trip.

  22. Liz, that's adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I live in the city, but go up to White Plains (where I used to live) to see my boyfriend on the weekend! Seems like we may have crossed paths and never knew it!

  24. I see you found JT! He's a super cool guy, one of my favorites of all-time!
    He is at Enid's today, until 4, spinning for brunch...

  25. Love all the photos in your blog, and I'm sorry you lost your cell phone. Question: Do you use a program to produce the biking chart at the end of your post?

  26. Working Out Welness- to answer your question: I use my heart rate monitor to get the HR stats, I use a bike pedometer to track my mileage. Every time I made a stop yesterday, I jotted down the numbers from my HRM and my odometer. When I got home I entered them into an excel spreadsheet that I created. That's what the screen capture is: my excel spreadsheet where I manually input the data.

  27. What an inspiration you are! I love all 3 of your blogs, makes me wanna jump up and LIVE. Thanks for the escape :)

  28. Rachel- that's one of my favorite comments ever! Thank you! I'm so happy to have that effect on you :)