Friday, August 27, 2010

Fitness Advenures? The Great Urban Race!

I mentioned a few weeks ago in passing that my dear co-worker William (aka Sour Balls) and I have entered to compete as a team in the NYC Great Urban Race! I forgot to mention it in my Tuesday post, but this is happening *tomorrow*, Saturday August 28th!

To prepare for this olympic feat, I have done, and will do, the following:

1- Bought us awesome personalized t-shirts with our team name ("Sour Balls", what else?) Here I am modeling mine at Equinox last week. How freaking cool is this? I now want to order a million shirts that say "Bitch Cakes". You'll see William's shirt after the event occurs.

My first ever personalized t-shirt!

Team Sour Balls!

2- I have a list of strategic items I am bringing, but I am not mentioning this here in case any other teams are reading.

3- Purchased an unlimited Metro Card for William, since he will need it to get around tomorrow.

4- Cancelled all plans tonight - and will not drink beer - and will go to bed early for a good night's rest.

5- I've kept up with my workout schedule to make sure I'm in prime physical shape - ready for this exciting adventure.

6- Will make sure my phone and camera battery are fully charged.

7- Will dehydrate myself so I don't have to pee every hour but will also bring healthy snacks and one bottle of water so I don't pass out.

8- Will wear appropriate clothing (shocking, I know)

What has William done?

You guessed it, nothing.

Since the day we registered, I have been telling him:
William you have to take this seriously. I need you to stop eating bacon for the next month, try to lose some weight and build up your endurance at the gym. I already outwalk you when I wear heels, I'll run circles around you in flats!! This is important and I need you to keep up with me! I'm not carrying your ass through this competition! And you had BETTER NOT PLAY BASKETBALL BEFORE THE RACE*!
(*explained below)
But does he listen? Of course not. He still eats like a gavone, barely works out, is horribly out of shape (one flight of stairs winds him) and is simply not worried. Simply put, he is the Oscar to my Felix.

And you know what he's doing tonight? He texted me that he began drinking beer right after work!! (he often drinks pitchers at a time and comes to work hungover - this is the sign of a man who doesn't know when to say when) but wait - it gets worse - *then* he's playing basketball. BASKETBALL! If you do not read my other blogs, you do not realize why this is such a big deal, so I will tell you: 

In the past year, he has injured himself significantly twice. Both times playing basketball!

The first time was when a bunch of 15 year old kids put him in the hospital! That's right, he tore his meniscus and had to have knee surgery and was out for over a week because he was trying to 'show up' some 15 year old kids. This is from a blog I wrote after he returned to work:

I asked "Do those kids know they put you in the hospital?" This is his response, a direct quote:
"Sheryl, a man never sees another man cry. I played till the end of the game even though they beat me, then I just limped off the court..."

The second time was during another game of basketball. And when he bent down - that's right, bent down - to pick up the basketball, he managed to PULL HIS BACK OUT. Again, he was out of work for over a week. Just picking up a freaking ball.

If he can barely get through a basketball game unscathed, you understand my concern. If I get a text from him tonight or tomorrow that he injured himself tonight, I'll be soooo pissed!

In the event he does not cancel due to injury or drunkenness, tomorrow is going to be AWESOME! Whatever you're doing, give a little thought to Sweet Tits & Sour Balls running around NYC in the Great Urban Race!

Oh, and the good thing is we can use technology and phone friends for info to help us solve the clues and then hunt them down. Of course I'll have my droid and he'll have his iPhone but we may need extra support (I don't know what to expect), so if anyone is willing to take a frantic call from me asking them to look something up online tomorrow (fast!) between the hours of noon and 5pm, let me know in the comments. I'll get your number if I don't have it already and consider you a 'lifeline'.

There will, of course, be a blog documenting this awesome ridiculousness at some point in the future. But for now I must go, it's going to be an early night. For me at least. I bet William is still playing basketball or finished that and went to the bar. That guy doesn't take anything seriously! (But I love him to death!)

Update: After posting this blog, I checked my text messages and this is what I saw - this is the whole exchange from earlier today and just now. I still do not know if he is kidding!!!!!

he *better* be kidding!


  1. Good luck & have fun!

  2. Go team Sour Balls =)


  3. This is hysterical!!! It sounds like so much fun. Good luck.

  4. If William does get injured and you need a pinch set of sour balls, Let me know.

  5. Lol, I hope he's actually ok.

  6. John Vincent, I think he's drunk and messing with me to stress me out. He wrote back something like "I'll be fine, I don't need my nose to run" So I *think* he's kidding, but he won't confirm. He knows this is making me nuts, and I'm sure he's laughing his ass off right now. But I will let you know if I need you :)

  7. Eating like a gavone - spoken like a true New Yorker - love that line!

  8. I think that's so awesome! I have always wanted to do that race. :) I can't wait to read your recap!

  9. Erika: I'm a real Italian girl from the Bronx! Well, third generation, so as 'real' as that is, I suppose.

  10. Good luck, Sheryl! I hope you guys have a great time.

  11. This is so awesome! Go Team Sour Balls! I want to do this next year!

  12. my trainer is a fitness competitor and she does a lot of model shoots. she dehydrates the day before by not drinking a lot of water and the of she eats baby food to keep hydrated and nutrient rich w/o filling up on water. good luck @ the race!

    here's a clip where she discusses it.

  13. I bet you do awesome tomorrow. Have tons of fun & enjoy yourself!!! I'm willing to be a lifeline should you need it!! Good Luck Team Sour Balls!!!

  14. Ok:
    1) If William hurts himself or bails for any reason CALL ME IMMEDIATELY - I'll step in for him - I'm a PRO at the GUR! I'm leaving for my run around 9:45, just get me before then :)

    2) Don't worry about the physical aspect - you WILL be running around the city like a crazy person, but they won't make you do any crazy athletic stuff

    3) Um....#13 is cool and all....but I'm SHOCKED you're not #69 !!

    4) Just sent you some more helpful hints via FB

    5) GOOD LUCK!!!!!



  15. I'm hoping that he is pulling your "chain" & is being normal sour balls!
    Good Luck dragging his ass around tomorrow!

  16. I read your blog faithfully and was so excited when you mentioned doing this. I did this years in Houston, it was awesome! I hope you love it. Just remember to PLAN YOUR ROUTE, prior to heading out, we messed up on one crucial part and ended up running (on feet) 8 miles out of the way. Good luck and enjoy and def. stay around for the costume contest at the end!
    Christina (txag_girly)

  17. Diana CarolinaAugust 28, 2010

    Tomorrow sounds awesome! I'm in CA but if you need something looked up online, I'd love to help. Let me know if you still need "lifelines" and I can email you my number. Have fun tomorrow and good luck!

  18. I'm so freakin' excited for you guys! Go TEAM SOUR BALLS!!!

  19. Melanie: Thank you so much for your email! I appreciate it. As for the number, 69 is William's number (he talks about it constantly), so I went with the more evil '13'. I would have done 666 but it only fit 2 characters.

    All: I have a great lifeline so I won't need your assistance but I do appreciate those of you that offered. Also, I am fairly certain William was drunk and lying when he texted me about his nose last night because I haven't heard from him since. He knows I'm easy to rile up and I'm sure he was laughing about it. I'm sure I'll tweet an update at some point and like I said, there will be a blog since I'm taking pics all day. I'm also wearing my heart rate monitor and am curious to see those results.


  20. Good luck today! Great Shirts... I'd buy one!

  21. Wishing you the best, Sheryl(Gotta say you are an exceptional 'living' advertisment for WW, inspiration indeed:)


  22. Just stumbled upon your blog! You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G such an inspiration! You go girl! Love your blog name as well lol. =)

  23. Good luck today! i know you'll do great!!!

    If you do the shirts - put me on the list to buy one! I love your blogs and you are an inspiration !!!

  24. Go Team Sour balls! I hope William wasn't too hungover this morning.

  25. Good luck for today! Damn, I am so late to this blog, your story is amazing and very inspirational (plus you look UNBELIEVABLE! Go, chika!)

  26. So great to meet you last night! You are awesome.

  27. Good luck, kind of after the fact. How did you do? Was he kidding you? Sounds like normal man behaviour to me.

  28. I hope that the race went well! Go, team Sour Balls!!

  29. How have I not met sour balls? How?

    Also, slow clap for utilizing gavone in this blog. it was beautiful. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR ALLL ABOUT THE RACE!

  30. I hope you had a BLAST! Can't wait for your blog entry about the great race!!!!!!!!!

  31. "He still eats like a gavone ... "

    I know this is an old post, but HOLY CRAP you are only the second person in my LIFE I've ever heard use that word, and the first was my dad. Are you a paesan?

  32. I am Italian, yes. I only use a handful of Italian words, that being one of them :)