Friday, April 22, 2011

Fitness Adventures: Amazing NY Race! (Team Sour Balls Reunites!)

(this is a little overdue!)

On Sunday April 3rd, I participated in another fun event with my good friend/co-worker, William - the Amazing NY Race! - another scavenger hunt type adventure. Here's a recap of the event.

Of course I had to break out my "Team Sour Balls" t-shirt from last summer's Great Urban Race:

I rode my bike over the 59th St Bridge to get there:

on the 59th St Bridge

As soon as I arrived, what does William do, but buy me a beer! (I didn't really try to stop him though...)

First beer of the day

Of course he was drinking too- (duh!)

We had checked in but needed to wait until they handed out the clues to all the teams. I love this photo -

Finally the clues were handed out but we weren't allowed to look at them yet. Of course William kept telling me to cheat - he tells me I'm too uptight (partially true) and that I need to stop following the rules (I like rules!) and live a little (wow - nearly the exact conversation we had at last year's Great Urban Race when I didn't want him to buy me a beer!). He wanted to open the packet and get started but I refused to let him! I was waiting for the designated time!

Finally they gave us the go ahead to start working on the clues. Meanwhile, we had ordered another beer, which was exactly what I *didn't* need since it was only about noon and I had already had a 20 ounce beer and was feeling pretty buzzed. But once again, I didn't say no.

We worked on the clues in a fashion similar to last year's scavenger hunt - I, the control freak er... efficient project manager, flipped through the pages assigning him tasks - calling out orders to him to look certain things up on his iPhone. As he looked up clues, I continued flipping through and looking up other clues on my Droid.

Figuring out the photo clues
Aw buddies -n - beer!
We sat there for so long writing notes on the clue sheets until I looked up at one point, glanced around and exclaimed: "William - We are the ONLY TEAM LEFT IN THE BAR!"

Every other team had already figured out what they were doing and left to go do it! Wow. I blame William. And the beer...

Finally we left and of course I navigated our route (you didn't think I was going to trust him to get us anywhere, did you?). There were 8 address-specific photo clues and we had to photograph ourselves with at least 4 of them. (Those were the items we were googling or "giggling" as my Dad would say). But on the way to all of those, there were also about 25 other things we had to be on the lookout for. If we photographed ourselves with them, they were worth additional points.

To make things more challenging, we also had to go back to the bar between a certain window of time to do an activity to score even more points. (I had to play pick-up sticks. I didn't get a photo of that. And yes, we had ANOTHER beer while we were there!). There was another thing we could do for extra points, but we didn't get around to doing it. Anyway, here are photos of some of the things we did get points for -

with a mannequin in a mini dress
 Mannequin with a mini dress, 5 points
with a goateed man
Man with a goatee, 5 points
on 7th at the sewing statue
One of the photo clues- we had to find the location of this sewing guy statue.
in Macy's, at the old wooden escalators
another photo clue, the easiest and only one I got in a split second - the gorgeous wooden escalators in Macy's Herald Square
With a stranger & a croissant
someone with a croissant, 5 points (Note: William bought that croissant just so we could get this one)
At a phone booth
Us in a photo booth, 5 points (Side note about the banana, because I think it's cute: I brought 2 organic bananas with me - one for me and one for William. And William brought 2 non-organic bananas with him (he doesn't believe in "organic"). Isn't that sweet? We each brought each other a banana! Love him!)
with a smart car, 5 points
with someone wearing camouflage, 5 points + with someone wearing a flag, 5 points
with neon, 5 points (see: Rudy's Bar & Grill sign behind William)
This was not part of the scavenger hunt, I just really wanted him to High-5 the pig
This had absolutely nothing to do with the scavenger hunt, I just really REALLY wanted a photo of William high-fiving the pig! This is CLASSIC!
on the 6 Train
exhausted on the 6 Train
sitting on the 7 Train
Note William's finger
Walking through Port Authority (note William's finger - he was aware if my photo shenanigans...)
He can't resist touching a boobie. Even if it's not human. Or 3D. Or a woman for that matter.
Again, nothing to do with the race, I just had to get him in front of this peep shop! Look at that neon lady!!

There were other photo clues (not shown above) and we did tons more running around. To be honest, we were both exhausted. It probably didn't help that we had also drank a lot of beer. Or maybe it did help? We had to be back at the bar by 5pm and if we made it by 4:45, we'd get an extra 15 points. We made that cut off by a minute, getting the extra points.

Me & William, enjoying a post race beer
Here we are, back at the bar, enjoying a post-race beer. Oh, and this photo gave us an additional 10 points towards our score! I was worth 5 points for my nameplate + 5 points for having tattoos.
We sat there for over an hour waiting for the results to come in. My legs were so tired. I was happy to just sit there for a while.

Finally we got our score, 182, which I thought was spectacular. Until I realized we placed 40th out of 53 teams that finished. (but hey, 9 teams didn't even make it back!) It doesn't matter though - It's not like I do anything with the intention of being the best. It's like I say all the time, it's not about being first or fastest - it's about having fun and JUST DOING IT! And we did that - we had lots of fun, created great memories and completed our mission! Go Team Sour Balls!!!

On our way out of the bar, time to go home
On the 59th St Bridge, headed home
Here are my heart rate monitor stats for the day:

Bike ride to midtown west:
  • Total Time: 47 minutes 
  • Minutes in Cardio Zone: 31 minutes
  • Percentage of Time in Cardio Zone: 66%
  • Average Heart Rate: 132
  • High Heart Rate: 158
  • Total Calories Burned: 324
  • Total Miles: 6
Amazing NY Race:
  • Total Time: 166 minutes (2 hours, 46 minutes)
  • Minutes in Cardio Zone: 20 minutes
  • Percentage of Time in Cardio Zone: 12%
  • Average Heart Rate: 115
  • High Heart Rate: 159
  • Total Calories Burned: 763
  • Total Miles: ? guessing we walked about 6 miles
Bike Ride home from midtown west:
  • Total Time: 46 minutes
  • Minutes in Cardio Zone: 8 minutes
  • Percentage of Time in Cardio Zone: 17%
  • Average Heart Rate: 118
  • High Heart Rate: 148
  • Total Calories Burned: 249
  • Total Miles: 6
Oh, and my favorite quote of the day? After having enough of me bossing him around, William snapped "If I wanted to be disrespected, I would have stayed at home!" (with his girlfriend). Oh good old Sour Balls, I love that guy...

(The entire photo set can be seen here)


  1. what a truly fun day! sounds absolutely amazing, and it's not whether you win but how you play the game and i'd say you played it spectacularly! love this post!

  2. It looks like you guys were super tired but it also looks like so much fun. I was hoping to do the Great Urban Race this year but it has to wait till next.

  3. A great post about what sounds like a fab day with William - GO TEAM SOUR BALLS!

  4. Team Sourballs Rocks! Congratulations for having a great time. I might be getting a smart car soon and all I could think was I would love to have had my smart car photographed with msbitchcakes!

    Are there Sourball t-shirts available for purchase?

  5. Ooooh, a scavenger hunt! Sounds/looks pretty epic! I wonder if anyone one in my town does that. Maybe I should start one...

  6. That looks like an awesome day on the town! :D

  7. I love scavenger hunts they are such a fun way to see the city and meet random people. I also love your posts that include William... he is soo cute!

  8. Great post.

    The fact that you and William got bananas for each other is a sign that you will either someday be married or be bestest friends forever.

  9. The race sounds great - I wish we did things like that in Scotland. Glad you had a great day, it looks like lots of fun!

  10. That looks super fun! And Perdition is a GREAT bar!!!!

  11. I wish we did things like that in Scotland! You guys look like you had loads of fun! x

  12. This seems like it was so much fun! My favorite picture is the Smart Car one...where William is solidly leaning against the car and you are respectfully avoiding touching it (I always try not to touch strangers' cars, myself, so I guess I was paying attention to that).

  13. That looks like so much fun! Love your blog, thanks for posting :)

  14. I love scavenger hunts and I have been dying to do one lately. It looks like it was an awesome day.


  15. fun! poor sourballs! he is not superphotogenic is he??? hahahha! glad you had a great time and it totally doesn't matter what you placed!

    by the way, Rudy's is quite possibly my favourite bar in all of NYC *sigh* it's been too long..

  16. Hey bitch cakes! Its Christine, the woman you met today at the race! Thank you so much for taking the time for me. Wish we had more. Your truly a beautiful person, your blog and pictures do nothing to describe the beautiful ray of sunshine you are. Have a wonderful rest of the day!

  17. You guys need your own show! ;)
    Great post!

  18. So good to see ol' Sour Balls on the blog. I've missed your posts with him. I wondered if you guys even still worked together or not? Great job on the race. Sounds like a great day was had by all!

  19. What a fun activity! I wish they did something like that out here. I'd be in in a heartbeat!