Saturday, June 04, 2011

Bye, Bye, Blue Bike

You may recall when I bought a new blue bike last year. I bought it because I thought I must need a bike with gears, since everyone kept telling me that (since when do I listen to other people? I mean seriously!). But I saw their point and thought I'd get a bike with gears that I could use for the long tours and then keep the HK Cruiser for the shorter tours/basic riding I do.

I rode the blue bike 3 times: Once, home from Union Square (where I bought her). Again for about 2 miles in my neighborhood to try to get used to her. And then the longest trip and really only trip that I ever used her for - to the Boat Basin in Manhattan when William and I did the Great Urban Race last summer. The best part of that trip was probably that a photo I took ended up in the copy of European Photography magazine-

I'm in a magazine!

I never got used to her and soon realized I didn't want to get used to her. So she just sat here in my apartment, taking up room. Occasionally I would look over at and scowl at her for taking up space. But I didn't even consider riding her.

It wasn't long before I realized I needed to sell her. I wanted her to go to a good home, with an owner who would love her and ride her. She was a great bike, she just wasn't right for me. 

One blog reader in Massachusetts had written to me inquiring about the bike. She seemed pretty serious about it too. And she had made plans to come to NYC a few times but for various reasons, we had to keep rescheduling. Finally, on Saturday May 14th, she made it down to New York, and we met at my favorite bike shop, B's Bikes.

Adele seemed to be in love with the bike at first sight, which was great. But I wanted her to get a little test drive too, so I brought her to McCarren Park.

Adele & Me in McCarren Park

I think that smile says it all, they look really good together!
I call this "sassy!"

Close up

Adele goes for a test drive in her kitten heels

I can't help myself, I love on-bike shots!

We left the park and went to Williamsburg, but I didn't want to go too far on account of her not having a helmet.

In McCarren Park

I brought Adele & her new bike to one of my favorite places to catch the sunset -  Grand Ferry Park. That's the Williamsburg Bridge in the background. And it turns out there was some bike meet up going on, but I am not sure what it was all about.

Adele, Me & our beautiful bikes in Grand Ferry Park
Adele was pretty smitten with the new bike and the sale was official. I was so happy for her - what a great time of year to get a bike! I was also happy for the bike - going to a home where she would be appreciated and used. And happy for me - to reclaim that space in my bedroom. I helped secure her to the car for her ride to her new home -

Farewell, blue bike
bye, bye blue bike!
Adele and I have kept in touch since she returned home. She told me that she named the bike "Betsy"*, which I think really suits her! And she's been riding all over the place, which is great! She sent me a beautiful shot of Betsy in the great outdoors:

Betsy, out for an adventure

Thank you so much Adele - it was great meeting you and I hope that you and Betsy have a million miles of adventures together!

*oh, since I get asked this all the time: My bike does not have a name. She is simply "The HK Cruiser" or "My BFF".


  1. How to you stay motivated on WW when you spouse keeps putting you down? I can't figure out why he is so negative! he keeps harping on my weight and when I finally do something and rejoin WW, he lays into me and basically says that I'll fail again anyway!! Thank goodness for the support I get from friends and WW!

  2. I love the Hello Kitty Cruiser, but the blue bike is also really cute! I don't think I ever saw a picture of it!

  3. Hooray, Betsy! She looks happy in her new home. You did a great job as a bike-baby foster mama... now watch her grow! :)

  4. Omg I seriously want to be you! And i never say that to anyone.. I can't deal with how awesome you are! lol Okay well maybe not be YOU because everyone is their own person but you are just so awesome that I want to be LIKE YOU! I soo wish I could buy a bike but my apartment's storage is filled up for summer :( bummer. so I'll continue to live vicariously through you!!


  5. Sheryl, have you seen this month's InStyle magazine? They have an entire article about "Riding in style." Clearly someone saw you and wrote it because they have a helmet like yours and talk about riding in skirts and heels.

  6. Glad you found a match for your bike. Now just need to convince you to get gears on the HK bike. (I am going to convert you if it kills me!)

  7. Sheryl-
    This post just put the biggest smile on my face! I love Betsy so much and I have given her a good home, if I do say so myself. Thank you again for all the inspiration and encouragement that you have given me through this blog and when we met. I've said it before, but I'll say it again-"you go, girl!"

  8. Awwww! Yay for Betsy and Adele! I love happy endings!

  9. Aw, what a sweet sale story. I love selling things to people who will love and care for them as much as I would.

  10. Addie- I'm so glad you're both happy - I really think you were meant to be together! And thank you for the amazing journal! I'm going to use it when I fill up my current one :)

  11. what a fabulous post, adele looks adorable on betsy and i think it's a match made in heaven. and you babs you were so lucky fate used you to help another person. that's the best feeling isn't it?

  12. I love her pink wristlet. I'm not sure she planned it, but that's a great accessory for bike life.

    I didn't name my Schwinn Cream bicycle, but my NEW Bike IS getting a name!

  13. Just found your blog, and like a previous commenter, I want to be you too! I want that cute pink bike, I want to live in Brooklyn, maybe I even want your tatoo, and I definitely want to have lost weight like you. Probably the last thing is the only thing I'll be able to manage - hopefully! ;-)

  14. Wow ... I love Betsy! What brand of bike is she?

  15. I love your blog and find you so inspirational. I have laughed and even cried at a few of your posts. When you ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon was the best post ever - I love the pics and videos!! You have made me want to start running :)
    I have given you the "Adorable Blog Award" because of how adorable you and your bike are and because I love your story.