Saturday, March 17, 2012

NYC Half Pre-Post

I'll be running the city this Sunday!!!
I get so excited seeing ads for running, especially races I'm in!!!

Tomorrow I'll be "running the city" with thousands of other runners in the NYC Half Marathon! I'm SO excited to do this run. I hear from everyone who's ran it what a great course and how much fun it is. I'm not entirely familiar with the route but I know we start off in Central Park, run through Times Square, hit the West Side Highway and finish off in South Street Seaport! Most of the NYRR events are just within Central or Prospect Park - but this one shuts down streets of Manhattan and Times Square (that's always way more fun)! And I hear that as we run through Times Square, we even get to see ourselves on the jumbotron! Weeeee!

Even though I'm crazy excited, this run might be tricky for two reasons-

1) Lack of training.

I haven't trained for this run. But what I may lack in training, I'm sure to make up in enthusiasm!

The reason I'm not trained is due to my two recent little "issues" (as Melanie calls them). First there was my tendonitis. That was bothering me since January (I just didn't know what it was) and bothered me with every run I did that month. In the combined periods before and after the diagnosis, I hadn't run for about 4 weeks. When I finally felt well enough to run again, I fell. The fall itself wasn't significant, but the next day I felt pain under my right boob. I joked "it only hurts when I breathe" but it was true. And the harder I breathed, the more it hurt. It was enough to prevent me from doing pilates, lifting weights and yes, running again! After enduring it for a full week, I actually went to get xrays - I thought I had a rib fracture or something. Fortunately my ribs and lungs were ok. It turned out I had just strained the muscle when I landed. It finally stopped hurting last weekend.

Long story short, those 2 things caused me to lose out on nearly 6 weeks of cardio -- and half marathon training -- this year.

I was finally able to start running without pain this week - I ran Monday night with my new running group, North Brooklyn Runners (3.5 miles), Tuesday at lunch (3 miles), Wednesday with NBR again (1.75 miles) and Friday at lunch (3.85 miles). All of those runs & miles combined don't equal a half marathon (13.1)! And that's the MOST running I've done in a week all year! So tomorrow will be interesting when I ask my body to perform the task of running 13.1 miles. :)

Even though I couldn't train like I should have, this is where my running mantra kicks in "Run when you can. Walk if you must. But never quit!" (I used to say "never stop" but obviously I have to stop to drink water and/or go to the bathroom in distance running, so I changed it from "stop" to "quit") My plan is to do just that - I'm going to run at a comfortable pace, but walk if and when I have to. And of course I will keep going till I reach the end! I will cross that finish line -- and pose for an overpriced photo as I do so!

2) The weather

It's supposed to be unseasonably warm on Sunday - reaching up to 63. I'm most comfortable running in temps between 35 and 42. This is a full 20 degrees warmer than that. I've done it before (I think last year's Brooklyn Half was close to 70!) and I'll do it, but it's a lot more challenging for me in the higher temps. (I still do not know how Melanie ran a marathon in 90+ degree weather! I think about this every time I run when it's warm!)

Other thoughts:

Time: I don't expect to complete this event in the same time as I did the Brooklyn Half (2.5 hours) and that's ok. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it regardless of my time or pace. For one thing, this is a lottery event, I'm lucky I even got in and I'm so excited to be a part of it! I'm going to take photos, high five anyone cheering from the crowd that offers, and just have a great time, taking in the experience and the magic of living in New York City. Focusing on all of that awesomeness and capturing it digitally and in my memory is far more important than obsessing about how long it takes me to finish. I want to enjoy myself as I'm doing it AND be able to look back and remember what a great day it was.

GPS: I'm going to look into an app I can use where I can be tracked as I'm running in case any of you want to follow along! I'll tweet it/put it on facebook if I figure out a way to do that.

Volunteers/Cheering Crowds: If you're volunteering this event or plan to come out and cheer, please tell me where you're going to be so I can look for you and get photos with you! Right now I just know my friend and fellow amazing WWer, Hannah, will be at Mile 1, my friend Jill will be at the water station at Mile 9 and North Brooklyn Runners will be at 30th St and the West Side Highway, and my friend/co-worker/slow-runner/blogger, Jenn will be at the Finish Line. I'd love to see people I know, so if you're going to be out there, let me know where to look for you!

Post Half Festivities: I'm not sure how I'm celebrating after I return to Greenpoint (other than a shower) but I hope to get the blog up that same night. There will of course be tons of pictures.

Now all I have to figure out is how I'm getting there (and home), where my Dad is working (hopefully I can visit him), what I'm bringing/if I have to bring anything for baggage check in, if that tracking app exists and how to share my run, what I'm eating today and Sunday morning.

I think this is my outfit for Sunday's NYCHalf
I think this is what I'm wearing. I'll post for sure tomorrow morning on tumblr/facebook/twitter when I'm dressed

Other than that, today I'm taking it pretty easy - drinking lots of water and making sure I do my leg stretches. But it is nice out so I can imagine I'm not going to be able to resist a bike ride :)

Tomorrow will be FANTASTIC and I can't wait to do it and then share it here. NYCHalf, baby! Let's do this!!!

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  1. I wish I could run with you! Have a great time and can't wait to read your update after!

  2. Just finished doing the Rock and Roll Half marathon, my first half, and it was awesome. I can only imagine what NYC will be like. Yes, the weather was warmer than usual and I had to adjust my breathing but it all came together at the end. Enjoy your run, race, whatever!!

  3. Good for you - lots of people would have thrown in the towel with all you've had go wrong.

    I just got back from marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade with the local group of Luxembourgers. Fun! But who ever heard of 82 degrees in Wisconsin in March! SO fun. . .

    Have a great time!

  4. Good for you - lots of people would have thrown in the towel with all that's happened to you lately.

    I just got back from marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade with the local Luxembourger group. What a great day! Whoever heard of 82 degrees in Wisconsin in March?

    Lovely! Have a good run. . .

  5. Can't wait to hear about your race tomorrow! We talked about you at our meeting today!

  6. Check out Runkeeper. It's an app that lets you track your runs by gps, keep track of your stats and lets people follow your progress online, live when you turn that capability on.
    Good luck with your half marathon. I am running a half next weekend and am also undertrained due to injury and flu this year. I look forward to hearing how you do!

  7. So excited for you!! Who cares if you didn't train for it...enjoy the experience. I wish I was in NYC so I could cheer you on and give you a hi-5!

  8. So excited for you!! I will be thinking of you all day. "Run when you can. Walk if you must. But never quit!" - That's how I feel about WW and you are such an awesome example of that for me. I have been up and not loosing, very early in my latest round back at WW - last year when that happened - I quit but this time I have vowed to stick with it for good. I had a fantastic day, a nice loss in weigh in - and then there you were on the weekly cover - girl, it was like a sign. Like my friend (because you know I'm one of those crazy blog readers who have been following you for so long I feel like we're personal friends) was watching out for me and there to root me on. Think positive - never quit. I'll be rooting for you tomorrow - just like you were rooting for me Tuesday night! Rock it girl.

  9. Good luck! Can't wait to hear the recap.

  10. Yea! Best of luck and have the run of a lifetime!

  11. Hope the run goes well for you!

    Was fun to see you in this week's WW newsletter.

  12. I'm so excited for you ! You're going to have a blast, I can feel it !

  13. you have inspired me to enter my first 5k race in July !!! I'm so excited !!!

  14. If I was anywhere near NYC, I'd come out to cheer for you. And I'm sure you'll do great.

  15. I saw you out on the course on Sunday! You looked great!!! Awesome job!

    1. aahhhh how cool! Thank you! I'm posting part 1 of the recap tonight - working on it right now...

  16. well, imagine my surprise when I saw you running. I saw you at 43d and 7th in Times Square, near the NYPD station. I was in town on vacation and was stayng in midtown. I was cheering on some good friends who were also running. You looked fantastic, and the smile on your face as you ran through Times Square was priceless. I think I shouted out, "Go Cheryl," or something, and you turned and looked. I wish I looked so poised at the 7 mile mark of ANY run I do!!

    1. oh my god!!! there were a few times I heard my name and turned around but didn't see anyone waving or recognize anyone so I kept going. I'm so glad you saw me!!! I'm posting part 1 tonight - it should be up in about an hour. (it's a 2 parter) Sorry I didn't get to meet you but that's really cool that you saw me. I smiled the WHOLE course!