Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Monthly Update: April 2012

Here's my recap for the month of April, 2012!

How I followed the Plan:


I did much better food wise than the previous month. I can't say I tracked 100% but I tracked much more than April and made much better food choices too (a lot less take out/convenience food and more cooking and measuring. I was much more mindful and on Plan)


A little less than last month overall. My total calories, miles ran and APs earned were all less than March. My miles biked was just about the same.

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Events I completed:

  • 04/15/12 I came in nearly last place at The Brooklyn Bun but had a great time *and* got a medal!
  • 04/22/12 I Ran For The Parks - This was a NYRR 4 mile run in Central Park that counts towards my 9+1 for the NYC Marathon 2013.


Marcus stopped by on his way to boot camp
Marcus showed up - after work, and on his way to boot camp and the night before a race. This guy is HARDCORE!

muy caliente!
Do I really need to explain why Spanish bike messengers are the sexiest men on earth? Really?

Me, Panda, Bonnie & Jules
Panda & Jules showed up! And Julie brought her dog, Bonnie!

Blog reader Carla was visiting from SC and came to meet me!
This is awesome - that's Carla on the right and her daughter on the left. Carla was in town visiting NY from down south and she came to the store to meet me! I was happy to meet her and very touched that she came to see me. Hey Carla!
  • 04/13 This isn't weight related per se, but since so many of you know of my love for the Moustache Man (the subway artist/vandal), I have exciting news: I met him! Seriously! The actual guy who got arrested for doing all those beautiful moustaches in 2010 and 2011. How? Well he friended me on Twitter and I pretty much demanded to meet him (nicely of course) and we arranged a time! I hung out with him for about an hour, drank some Starbucks and talked about his whole ordeal. But I needed a souvenir - I brought (what else?) a WW Weekly so he could vandalize my face too:
OMG I've been Moustached!
close up
    my autographed copy of David Kirchhoff's new book
    omg thank you, Mr Kirchhoff!!!

      • I started composting... sort of. I found out my local Farmer's Market collects compost, so now I freeze my produce scraps, coffee grinds and nut shells and bike them over there on Saturday mornings. 
      •  Instagram finally became available for Droid! I love this app so much. Feel free to follow me over there if that's your thing (user name = bitchcakes)
      • My job kicked off a healthy little weight loss contest and I joined a team! For 9 weeks, we have to wear a pedometer to track our steps (these things are highly inaccurate, let me tell you). We also provide our starting weight at the beginning and then have a final weigh in at the end. We get points for pounds lost and steps walked. Or course I wear my pedometer for everything - walking, biking, running - so I hope I have some crazy high numbers for my team. And since I'm above my goal weight right now, it wouldn't hurt for me to lose weight and score points that way too! This is just one more fun thing that has helped me stay on track.
      • Speaking of Transportation Alternatives, I also registered for the Tour de Staten Island, which isn't too far away as you will see below...
      • 04/28 I shot a fun video for a bike bag company called Freitag. They make beautiful bags out of recycled airplane tarps. We shot around where else, my beloved Greenpoint. If/when the ad ever comes together I will post it here of course! In the meantime, here is a still shot where the cameras are still mounted to my bike, and the bag is in my basket. It's so cool, it uses velcro to attach to the handlebars but then you take it off and use it like a purse. I got to keep the bag and can't wait to use it!
      On Greenpoint Ave, off West St

      • 04/29 I had a phone interview with Shape Magazine! It should be on line in a few weeks. Of course I'll post the link when it's up.

      • 04/28-04/29 I attended The New Amsterdam Bike Show! This was *so* much fun I can't believe I didn't go last year. I will definitely be back next year though. Here's a few pics:

      I can't believe Felipe was off and came with me

      Me & Rudy - you might remember him from a few posts. His motto is "Hurt Less, Ride More" Glad you're back on the road, Rudy!

      Marcus & Jules meet for the first time - I can't believe they never met before!

      Marcus, Jules & Malaika

      A Brooklyn Cruiser showing off some sweet Brooklyn Cruisers

      Debra & Mariana showing off their gorgeous helmet bags! These bags are so beautiful  - they hold your helmet (and plenty of other things), are shaped like old school bowling bags and even have that reflective piping. I love these bags! (I'm waiting for them to make a pink one) Deborah & I chatted a while - she knew me from my blog and is a fellow WW Lifetimer!

      This guy came over to me and said "You're famous! I want a picture with you!" I can't remember where he remembered me from but I'm always happy to oblige when asked and that was very cute.

      Felipe was testing out his artistic photo taking angles or something...

      Squid, Me, Curt

      I met Christa from Streets Blog - she also knew me from my blog! Nice meeting you, Christa!!

      with Ryan from Brooklyn Cruisers
      Ryan from Brooklyn Cruisers & I pose in front of their beautiful bikes

      Upcoming events - Things I'm doing in May:

      05/01 - 05/31: OMG It's Bike Month!!! Check out some BikeNYC.org events here

      05/03 - 05/05: This Thursday through Saturday is Bike New York's Bike Expo. It's free and open to the public, so swing by to check it out. (Here is a calendar of events.) And if you're a registered rider, you'll have to go there for your packet pick up to ride on Sunday.

      05/06: It's finally here! The first bike tour of the season! The Five Boro Bike Tour! There is only one time per year you can ride your bike on Manhattan's FDR (aka East River Drive) or ride Queens bound, the wrong way, up the car portion of the 59th St Bridge or ride at ALL on the Verrazano Bridge and this is it! I can hardly wait! I still have to plan an outfit. I hear it might rain, so that will of course affect what I'm wearing. I really won't know until that morning. I'm sure I'll tweet a photo before leaving the apartment.

      05/09 I found out about a meet & tweet Fit Blog conference going on in Manhattan and I'll be joining Jenn & Josephine there. (they were shown in my Run for the Parks blog last week)

      05/10-ish The stork is delivering my baby - I'm getting my new bike! She'll get her own post, don't you worry...

      05/12 I'm riding in the second annual Tour de Staten Island! (second?! I didn't even know about the first one!) It's a 21.5 mile ride in the city's least popular borough (sorry SI, you know it's true) but I will be happy to spend a few hours there cycling around and enjoying some new sights.

      05/13 I'll be in Central Park for my NYRR Volunteer event - The Japan Run. Once again I'm marshalling by bicycle and if it's even half as fun as last year's volunteer event, it's going to be a blast!

      05/19 I'll be running from Grand Army Plaza to the famous Coney Island Boardwalk in the Brooklyn Half marathon! Best part? Trixie will be there! We both crossed that finish line within minutes of each other last year - the first half for each of us. And of course I'll be looking for her on Marathon Day this year - our first full also :)

      05/25 MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! ok so it's not an "official" event, but omg the unofficial start of summer! My friend Lainy is getting married that weekend and I'm hoping there's an inaugural bike trip to Rockaway Beach in there with Amanda!!! Summer 2012, I am ready and even picked my theme song for this season - "Vanished" by Crystal Castles - check it out! 

      So obviously I've been a busy girl and I have a lot of stuff coming up. And this is just the start of the spring/bike tour season and then summer and intense marathon training. It's gonna be a great, fun and awesome year (it already has been)! Sometimes I really love being me. This is one of those times. Yay, life!!


      1. So many fun pictures from the N. Amsterdam Bike Show. How did I miss it this year? You sure keep a busy schedule. I'm doing the Tour de S.I. for the first time too! Aiming to do all the "borough tours" this year. Hope to see you on the "Tour".

      2. I have PMS and am feeling a bit tired and cranky, but those last few lines: "Sometimes I really love being me... Yay life!!" really cheered me up! Thanks BC.

      3. Yay you! Thanks for the upbeat wrap up of your month and the preview of coming events. Looks like you had a lot of fun and will have even more as the summer gets in full swing!

      4. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

        YOU ARE AWESOME. Love your writing, your style, your accountability, your workout commitments, your social life. Yay for composting!

        Thanks for sharing Mr. K's book. Sending a blogger friend to check out the Fit Blog conference.

        Claire in NJ

      5. You forgot to mention the best part about Tour de Staten Island: it's free! So everyone should go register right now. (I'll be there, representing bikeCUNY!)

        Also, if you've never biked on Staten Island, prepare your thighs for a workout! The island is hilly and is home to the highest natural point in the five boroughs.

      6. You are the reason I'm a bicycling lady today. Last May I bought a cruiser type electric bike and sold my car. Today, I've sold my electric bike and have a nice road bike and LOVE riding. AND, your post on the 5 Boro Tour totally captured my interest and I am flying out to ride this weekend!!! I cannot wait.
        I too am planning my outfit. I'm not the jersey wearing type but a local company makes an almost stylish one that has SEATTLE across the front. So, I could represent...but only if I find the right skirt to go with it.
        Thanks for the inspiration.

        1. OMG IM SO EXCITED! look for me - I have a 745 start time. I hope to see you somewhere along the route if not at the start. Safe travels & have a great ride!

      7. Love your blog, love your vintage style. Thank you for being an inspiration!

      8. I can't wait to see you!

        I'm having some wacky leg issues (I think I overtrained), but I will hopefully be feeling better and will definitely be there! Nothing can stop me!


        1. helllllll yeah girl! Im not leaving CI till we find each other. High fives, hugs & beerz! xo

      9. I'm so happy for all your successes! You really are an inspiration to me.

      10. Carla BrownMay 04, 2012

        Hi Sheryl!
        Thanks so much for including the pic of me and my daughter! Meeting you was one of the highlights of my visit to NY. I can't wait to come back again, and if you ever come to SC, we'll be sure to show you some Southern Hospitality!

        PS: Thanks for autographing my WW weekly. That was very cool!

      11. I'm not local, and am wondering if you have a website so that I may buy one of those fabulous bags? I love them so!

        1. which bag? there are a few in this post.

        2. if you mean the silver bag, that's Freitag: http://www.freitag.ch/Fundamentals-line/c/Fundamentals#Fund_c_Handbags

          if you mean the white & pink one across my shoulder, that's a Chrome messenger bag: http://www.chromebagsstore.com/bags/messenger-bags.html

        3. Ooops! I should have clarified! I want one of those gorgeous helmet bags that look a little like bowling bags from the table at the event you attended.

          [And how much do you love your Chrome messenger bag?? I wanted one for ages and, when I found out I was expecting, bought one for use as a diaper bag, knowing that it would be used for years of biking when my little ones were no longer in diapers. I love that thing!]

        4. Oops! Should have clarified! I am referring to the gorgeous helmet bags that look a bit like bowling bags at the event that you attended! Thanks, Sheryl!

        5. No problem - sorry. I had to dig out their card. I meant to post it when I originally put up this blog but it was lost in a pile of paperwork! They are called Give Love Cycle (givelovecycle.com)