Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Update, Part 2

A few things...

1) Most of my archives are still not up (don't worry, nothing is deleted, they're just in "draft"). Why? Well a few reasons - one of which is that I really intended to re-read all of them and fix broken links/pics etc, but obviously have never gotten around to doing that. So I may just go ahead and re-publish all of them blindly, since I know a lot of you miss the posts.

2) I'm sorry but I had to change the comments to include the annoying verification step. This is because I get SO MUCH SPAM you have no idea. It takes me so long to read the comments and figure out which ones are real. Hopefully this will make that job easier.

3) My last post was about NYC's new bike share program, CitiBike. And as many of you commented on it, yes that was in fact me on the Daily Show on June 6th! I shared the screen with Jon Stewart before his summer vacation. What a thrill, and thank you for noticing!

Me on the #DailyShow!!! #citibike #holyshit #wtf (thanks @gudphoto )

That same photo was then used on The New Yorker Magazine website on June 10th - 

New Yorker Mag 20130610

Then again in the AM New York on June 17th -

#goodmorning #amnewyork!  I'm in the paper today! #citibike

and then in The Washington Post Express on June 24th (thanks to an alert blog reader in the DC area for catching this one!)-

Express 20130624

and just last week on August 1st, in the Metro NY - 

Wow, I do not look good in green. That picture of me on the #citibike turned up again today in the #metrony!

So that photo has been all over the place! (And since I'm asked often - no, I get no royalties. This is a public image on Getty images. As I was docking my bike that day in Union Square, I saw a man taking photos of me and thought nothing of it. I talked to him. I thought he said he worked for the French Press. I thought maybe it would appear in an online article. But I guess he works for Getty images and uploaded it there. That's how this photo has been all over the media...)

4) It's the middle of summer and that can mean only one thing: Marathon Training Season! I started training about a month ago and have just about 90 days till the NYC Marathon (November 3rd) This will be my first full marathon and of course I'm really excited. Especially because of what happened last year. I'm also in much better shape, training wise, than I was this time last year. I'm going to make the most of the training season. I have every single run from now until then booked in my calendar. The training schedule is a little more aggressive than last year but I'm doing really incredibly well already.

5) I haven't been to a Weight Watchers meeting in months. I had finally found one that I really liked, as far as the night/time, location and leader, but after a few weeks it was cancelled. I haven't been to one since.

6) I'm honestly not sure what I weigh right now. I haven't weighed myself in months. But I'd guess 152 (definitely under 155 - I can tell)

7) Recently a fellow cyclist, Nemo, did a cute little post about me in his blog, NeverNotRiding I absolutely love the photo of me on the Williamsburg Bridge!

Did I leave anything else out that you're dying to know??? 

Thanks to all of you that still follow me on other social media and let me know that I'm missed. :)


  1. Great update! I'm so happy you're running is going well. You inspired me to run, and to try new activities in general. When I used to read that you had bad running days it made me worry that I would too. It seems like it's all good for you now. Yay!

    1. thanks - I still think there will *always* be bad running days. I don't think anyone always has great ones. but I guess the rough ones make you appreciate the great ones! :)

  2. ♥♥♥ great to see a post from you! ♥♥♥

  3. Great to have an update from you! I've been following your tumblr and I really enjoy your NYC pictures.

    Good luck with the marathon training! One of the reasons I love training for a specific race because I like having my workout schedule preplanned. Since you're feeling stronger for this race, do you have a goal time?

    The NYC marathon is going to be so amazing this year. I hope you will be blogging about it!

    1. I will. it's such a huge and significant milestone in my life. it's one reason why I wanted to post again now. I know I will have stuff to say before and of course after the big event!

  4. Thanks for the update, Sheryl - we do miss your regular posts, that's for sure! Glad to hear that you're still running and brilliant re: the bike image!

  5. So good to see you back with an update! Very cool to see your picture all over the media, too.

  6. I'm so glad to see you are doing okay! I miss your posts!

  7. That's awesome how that photo of you went totally crazy!! I thought I recognized you when I saw that on The Daily Show ^__^
    Good luck with the marathon training! I definitely missed your posts and I'm looking forward to hearing how your training is going

  8. Hate to tell ya, but the spammers are winning the blog commenting war. I added the irritating word veri step, too, and they still kept coming. What I'm running into now are legitimate-looking (and sounding) comments that lead to spam sites. Seems like a dumb, time-consuming way to build a tiny amount of traffic, but what do I know?

  9. I've just begun my journey to a healthier me and in my googling for encouraging blogs that I can keep up with I came across yours! Thank-you in advance for giving me a place to come when I'm in need of inspiration, encouragement, advice, etc. Please feel free to check out my blog- it's new, so there isn't much on it now, but I started it to help keep me accountable in this new adventure!

  10. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Definitely miss your posts, but I follow you on Tumblr so I get my Bitchcakes fix that way.

  11. Such a great update and I'm so glad your photo is being used to report about the Citibikes. Seems very fitting :)

  12. I've followed you ever since you started this blog and have missed hearing from you (even though I follow you else where). So it was a nice surprise to come back to your blog and see a few entries!
    You're an inspiration for me to get more out of life :-)

    - Denmark


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