Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Marathon Diaries, Part 41: The NYC Marathon 2013, random

I realized after re-reading my last marathon post that there were a few things I forgot to mention, so here are a bunch of random tidbits I should have included in the 3 part recap or the "After the Marathon" post-

It should come as little or no surprise for you to hear that I barely stretched. I stretched about 2 minutes before the marathon and not at all after. Obviously this is not ideal and could be why I got sore so early on and it took me forever to recover.

Five days after the marathon I had an appointment with my podiatrist, since my feet always hurt and my stupid pinky toes were still hurting. He basically said (and I quote) that I "traumatized" my pinky toes. He had to (this is gross) shave down the skin that became hardened ridges under my pinky toes, where they curl under my 4th toe (since there is no room for them). He also popped blood blisters I've had for months that were so bad I just thought they were black and blues. And he told me that my shoes aren't wide enough in the toe bed, I have to get wider shoes and/or have these stretched out. I haven't done any of that yet. He also prescribed epsom salt baths (I've done it once) and said I have slight athlete's foot and gave me a prescription for that (which I haven't picked up). And he showed me how to use bandaids and tape to tape my pinky toes so they are forced to sit straight (and not curl under) but I tried yesterday and already forgot. Basically I'm a terrible patient with traumatized pinky toes.

Tuesday, 2 days after the marathon, when I finally was walking around again, I went to a store in my neighborhood. The cashier saw my medal and asked me what "place" I came in. I laughed so hard I might have snorted. I said "I don't know, but I'm sure it was close to last!" That question made me curious, so when I came home I looked up my stats… Out of the 50,304 finishers, I came in 49,014th place! So I wasn't that far off with my estimate!

Remember in Part 2 of the Recap, I mentioned that around mile 18-19, I took 2 tylenol? And the woman said I'd feel much better in about 20 minutes? Well she lied. That tylenol didn't do a damn thing for me!

Pam Anderson
I can't believe I forgot to mention Pam! One of my marathon goals was to beat Pam Anderson. And with my 5 hour 30 minute goal time I should have. But of course my body wasn't in any mood to run on marathon Sunday, and I did much more walking than expected, so my actual time was 6 hours and 34 minutes. It turns out Pam beat me - at 5 hours and 42 minutes. Congrats Pam! (I love this photo of her after the marathon)

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Recovery Run
I'm not joking when I tell you I could barely move on Monday, the day after the marathon. I could barely walk across my apartment to get from my computer to the bathroom. And once there, it took all my upper body strength to lower me into a seated position and then back up again. I was truly a mess. So what does my crazy runner friend Mary Harvey tell me I should do to recover? You guessed it - go out for a run! (I told you she was crazy) I didn't know how to explain to her Um, Mary? I CANNOT EVEN MOVE - I CAN BARELY WALK! There was no way on earth I could even get INTO my running clothes, let alone run. If I could explain it another way: If you have any idea how awful I felt after mile 20, when I was walking and unable to run during the marathon itself - I actually felt WORSE on Monday than I did at that moment. If I couldn't run then, I certainly couldn't run now! lol crazy runners...

Finisher Photos
I finally got to see the photos they took of me at the end of the marathon. These were the two moments I was waiting to see and of course will buy:

seconds before crossing!

after getting my medal from Amy and heat sheet. Still freezing and in pain but so happy!

I love numbers! First, here is my data from Runtastic -

Look how many cheers I got! 372! Thanks you guys!

Here is my data from the Weight Watchers Active Link:

92 activity points! Bring on the beer & fries!

And here's my heart rate monitor totals:


I also shot a few videos during the marathon! These are all in Brooklyn -

On 4th Ave in Brooklyn, a band playing the Beastie Boys!

On 4th Ave in Brooklyn, coming up a band playing Rockaway Beach!

Here's one in Greenpoint

Next Year
Prior to actually running the marathon, and especially as I was training, I thought this would be a one time deal - that I'd just run it this year and that would be it. But now that I've run it, I can't imagine Marathon Sunday coming and NOT running it. As much as I love to watch it as a spectator, I think it would make me so sad to watch but not be running it. Even before I was sure if I'd want to do it next year, I had already qualified for 2014 by running the NYRR 9+1 program. So I'm already in. And for next year, my goal will be to train better - to figure out what I can do differently so I have more energy and not get sore so early. I have a whole year to get in better shape and better prepared and this time I will know what to expect. It may not be as special as my first but it will certainly still be awesome!


  1. I am planning to do a 10k next November (if I can get in on 1/15's block) and I'm really nervous. My first 5k didn't go well (Came in with 47 minutes under my belt) and today, could barely run (to be fair, I had a very bad headache to start with, so ended up barely running at all).

    I think I need to drop some weight, honestly. I think that's part of my issue - I need to get some weight off. My body doesn't want to run with an extra 50lbs on it - hell, I wouldn't either. But I'm feeling a little discouraged today and reading this was exactly what I needed!

    1. If it's any consolation, my first ever 5K was also around that time! And look what I've done since then! so don't ever give up! Of course the weight is an issue. It's part of what's been giving me a hard time on my runs too. Be patient with yourself. You'll see how each 5 pounds makes a huge difference on how you feel when you run. I'm glad you saw this today and are encouraged to keep going! :)

  2. 92 activity points and 3747 calories! My goodness. That is a lot of work.

    Sounds like you definitely need new shoes.

  3. I had meant to ask if you thought your running shoes could be the issue. What are you using for shoes? Did my first 10 miler in shoes that were totally wrong for me, including too small, and paid for it. Who knew that street shoe size didn't necessarily equate to the size you needed in a running shoe? Was fitted for a pair of Asics, which I loved, but when I went to replace them recently the new model did not work for me because they changed the design. The replacement shoes which were fitted for me and recommended by the running store felt good in the store but when I went to run in them, I had an issue with the arch of the right shoe. Back to the store they went, fitting with a different salesperson who really took his time with me. Come to find out I have a weird thing going on with my right foot which turns out slightly, which is why I was getting the right arch pain in several shoes because my foot isn't straight in the shoe. That really limited my options, but it was a toss up between two pairs. I ended up with the one that felt better/more comfortable when I ran on the treadmill at the store. Going to take them on a longer test run tonight and am hoping they work!


  4. Viki, my very first 5k was 46 minutes three years ago. Since then, I've been able to run a 32 minute 5k. Just keep plugging away and you WILL improve! Best of luck to you!!

    Sheryl, I hope you find shoes that work better for your traumatized pinky toes! When I got fitted they recommended I go up one full size from my normal shoe size.

  5. Congrats on finishing! I just stumbled upon your blog and you are so gorgeous and inspirational! I used to live in NYC and love seeing the pics. Keep it up :)

  6. have you ever been fitted for running shoes?? there's a great place in westchester - but placed like jackrabbit running in manhattan will do the same thing - will probably resolve some of your problems...also brooks is a non-leather running shoe company ;) (yea, that's right, i've got your back)


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