Before Photos

I spent almost my entire life overweight and obese. I'm 5'2" and my heaviest weight ever recorded was 208.2 pounds (in Spring 2004 when I joined Weight Watchers one of many, many times). I have no photos of that exact weight but since I've flirted with "200" many times, I think you'll get the idea from these photos. These are photos of me since the age of 19, just some of the many times I was close to 200 pounds. (Note: I started gaining weight when I was 8 and have a year-by-year photo representation in this blog, but here are just a few before pics to show you I didn't always look like I do now! In fact, I never did!)

For what it's worth, what's way more uncomfortable for me than seeing how heavy I was is seeing how unhappy I was. I don't think I genuinely smiled in any of these photos. And I remember how awful I felt...

1990 or 1991, around 200 pounds (19 or 20 years old here):

1990 or 91, approx 200 pounds
1990 or 91, approx 200 pounds

June 2000, in Wisconsin, around 195-200 pounds (28 years old):

Me in 2000 (around 195-200 pounds)

Same vacation, but in Ohio:

Me in 2000 (around 195-200 pounds)

Also in 2000, around 195-200 pounds:

Me in 2000 (around 195-200 pounds)

10/31/00 Around 200 pounds, my 1st wedding anniversary in Boston:

10/31/00 (around 195 pounds)

05/15/04 Around 200 pounds (that dress was from Old Navy, I don't remember the sizing but I'm sure it was the largest one they had)

2004, just over 200 pounds

Same trip, spring 2004. I can't get over the size of my face:

05/15/04 Approx 204 pounds. I can't get over the size of my face!
Summer 2004, around 200 pounds (with my friend Veronica):

Summer 2004 (around 200 pounds) Me & Veronica

Late 2004 with my Grandma Margie (RIP), I'm guessing just over 200 pounds:

Me and Grandma Margie in 2004

08/06/05 Approx 185 and wearing my ex-husband's jeans  (I didn't have any of my own jeans, since buying them was next to impossible):

08/06/05 Around 185 pounds

08/06/05 Around 185 pounds

June 2006, around 195-200 pounds (this dress was from Ann Taylor, size 14)

June 2006, Around 190-195

08/04/06 Approx 195-200 pounds (Those pants were from Ann Taylor Loft, size 16. Top was an Extra Large):

08/04/06 Somewhere around 195-200 pounds

09/15/06 I remember this night. I was supposed to go out and *nothing* fit me. I felt horrible all night. The lining inside my skirt was ripped. It was clinging to me in ways it should not have been. I almost didn't even go out. This is 3 days before I joined Weight Watchers for what would be the last time -

09/15/06 196 pounds

09/16/06 Approx 195-200 pounds, just 2 days before I joined Weight Watchers for the final time (That dress is a size 14. I still have it and want to photograph myself in it now, 65 pounds smaller than shown here!)

09/16/06 approx 200 pounds

09/16/06 approx 200 pounds

09/10/06 196 pounds